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Cancer in Ireland & America 2011-2012

Since World Cancer Day 2012 was celebrated on February 4 (this past Saturday), I decided to see how the land of my ancestors was faring lately relative to the United States. The initial report that I found about cancer in Ireland was sobering, albeit a bit misleading. According to a recent Irish Life study that […]

3 Steps Toward Cancer Cure in 2011

Oncologists and cancer researchers often hear, “So when are we going to find a cure?” The answer isn’t easy, since cancer describes a huge spectrum of diseases. Using the analogy of the “race toward a cure,” it’s definitely a marathon rather than a sprint. That said, 2011 saw a dozen or so major breakthrough studies […]

Cervical Cancer Screening in 2011: Pap vs Liquid vs HPV Test

One week after the United States Preventive Services task Force (USPSTF) caused a major uproar with their report on the lack of benefit for PSA screening for prostate cancer, their making headlines again today. Lead author, Dr. Evelyn Whitlock, and her colleagues published their findings on the current status of screening for cancer of the […]

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